I love chicken wings.  Fact.

Chicken wings are paleo.  Fact.

Deep fryers are costly, somewhat hard to maintain, and the home variants don’t do that good of a job.  Fact (mostly).

If you love wings like I do it pains you when you’re craving some crispy saucy poultry goodness but are forced to go shell out hard earned money for a mediocre pile of flabby wings because you don’t own a deep fryer.

Fret not, I got your back and the keys to at-home chicken wing nirvana.



  • 4-5 pounds of frozen chicken wings
  • Your sauce of choice

Do Work!

  1. Star by covering each sheet pan with aluminum foil and spreading your frozen chicken wings out evenly.  You want to use two pans because you want some space between each wing.
  2. Pop these pans into your oven and set it to 425F.  No pre-heating, nothing, just put them in and walk away.  Let these cook for thirty minutes.
  3. After thirty minutes a lot of fat and juices will have rendered out of the wings.  Take the pans out of the oven and pour this liquid off.  Get as much out as possible then put the trays back in the oven.
  4. If you have the trays one under the other cook the wings for 15 more minutes then switch them and cook for 10 more.  If the trays are side by side, that is to say on the same rack in the oven, cook them for 25 minutes.
  5. Once cooked the wing will have shrunk a little but they’ll be tender but crispy and look and feel just like perfectly cooked deep fried wings.  Use the spatual to pop the wings off the sheet pans and toss them in your bowl and coat with whatever sauce you like (don’t worry I’ll post some wing sauce recipes in the future)

These oven wings are not only simple and easily made without any special equipment, they’re good.  The crispyness and texture will stand up against any deep friend wing you’ve had.  The long cook time actually makes them even more tender then fried wings, though you lose a little size as more fat and juices render out of the chicken during this long cooking process.

 I used Thai sweet chili sauce